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Funeral Vehicles

Funeral Vehicles & Carriages

R. Banks & Son independent family funeral directors are proud to operate the largest funeral fleet of vehicles in the area, made up of predominantly the exclusive Wilcox Jaguar hearses & limousines as shown above. On our fleet we also own and operate Mercedes Benz S Class, Daimler DS420 heritage fleet, and Winston Churchill’s 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith, and have access to some special hearses & vehicles as shown below.

Wilcox Jaguar Fleet:

Wilcox Jaguar Fleet

R. Banks & Son independent family funeral directors are proud to operate the largest funeral fleet of Jaguar limousines & hearses in the area, the latest Jaguar vehicles or of the highest specification, are of the highest luxury and are the perfect way to ensure your loved ones final journey is as special as it can be.

Our experienced staff maintain the vehicles to the highest standard and our company is proud to operate such a magnificent fleet.

Jaguar / Daimler Hearses have been used by the Royal family for generations, synopsis with classical British elegance. Hearses Wilcox have built have been used for the funerals of the Queen Mother, Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and Baroness Thatcher.

"Winston" Our 1939 Rolls Royce Wraith Hearse:

For those who like history & classic vehicles we are proud to own and operate "Winston" our 1939 Rolls Royce Wraith, the former vehicle of Neville Chamberlain & Mr Winston Churchill.

First bodied by Park Ward as a six light Limousine on the instruction of His Majesty's Government for Paris Embassy duties.

According to the RREC, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain used the Wraith during the peace negotiations in France and Germany. Newsreel footage captures Chamberlain travelling in a Rolls Royce Park Ward Limousine.

Before the fall of France, WEC35 returned to London and following change of PM, Winston Churchill was photographed leaving number 10 in our Rolls Royce. After the war years the car was sold to be re-bodied as a hearse by coach builders Alpe and Sunders of Royal Kew Gardens and as such was re registered 7th August 1953 with current Registration NYM267.

1939 Rolls Royce Wraith Hearse

Daimler DS420 Hearse & Limousines:

Daimler DS420 Hearse

Another example of our classic funeral vehicles available, these are a stunning funeral vehicle to honour the life of a loved one.

Hand built by Wilcox Limousines, we have on our fleet a Hearse & two limousines recently fully restored, re-sprayed in black over caviare with hand painted coach lines, these vehicles are true representations of funeral heritage.

Fitted with beautifully plush leather interiors the limousines can carry 4 people in each, and have been upgraded to modern standards with the inclusion of electronic ignition systems, mechanical & comfort upgrades to ensure the vehicles are both reliable & comfortable.

Horse Drawn Hearse:

Unfortunately we do not own & operate our own horses, however we are proud to offer the service via a third party supplier, who we have personally selected due to their wonderful carriages, their immaculate presentation, and above all their love of the beautiful horses they own.

Horse drawn funerals are a truly spectacular event, and a wonderful way to commemorate a life lived.

We have access to black & white hearses, all hand built and presented impeccably, which can be pulled by teams of two or four white or black horses.

If you would like more information on horse drawn funerals, please call us on 01942 222156

Horse Drawn Hearse

Volkswagen Funerals:

Volkswagen Funeral

Volkswagen Funerals was founded by Clare Brookes and Michelle Orton in 2006 to provide an alternative funeral car service for people who want to make a funeral different, unique and memorable.

Both Clare and Michelle have owned and still own very many Volkswagens from 1950's up to more modern ones and are rather well known for this in the VW community.

Although rare to see, we have enlisted the support of Volkswagen Funerals on a number of occasions and always found them to be wonderfully professional, talented and caring.

If you would like more information on Volkswagen Funerals, please call us on 01942 222156

This is just a small selection of the specialist vehicles we have available, if there is something you wish to see which we have not shown here then please call us on 01942 222156 and we will be happy to discuss these with you

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