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Funeral Prices

Funeral Prices

Last year, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) completed its in-depth market investigation into the funerals sector. This identified a number of concerns, including that prices for similar services differed considerably between funeral directors and the way that information was provided made it hard for families to compare prices and choose the right combination of services for their loved ones. In response to this all UK funeral firms irrespective of size will be required by law to display detailed pricing information set out in a certain way, on its websites & within its funeral homes. Funeral firms will also be required to display prices of local crematoria, our terms of business, who owns the business, material financial interests and any donations & gratuities.

Our company has always been transparent in its pricing structure and have always displayed our costs within all of our funeral homes, with the exception of disbursement charges (Third parties such as crematoria, churches etc as these change frequently and we always felt this would be too many to manage accurately) We have also always provided all of our terms of business & estimations of costs prior to any funeral taking place.

As a result of the new law which comes into effect on the 16th September, we are now displaying the CMA "standardised template" alongside our existing price list, and as many local crematoria prices as is possible. This information will change periodically as the year progresses and we will endeavour to keep these prices completely accurate at all times.

Please see the PDF's below for Price Lists, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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